Diamond Course

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The 5 day course includes the following sections:

Formation of diamonds, diamond crystallography, physical and optical
properties, De Beers and the DTC, famous diamonds
Diamond polishing history overview, facets of round brilliant cut diamonds,
stages of polishing a round brilliant cut, fancy-shaped diamonds
Tools required by professional jewellers, use of a loupe when examining
polished diamonds
Clarity, the importance of plotting, clarity comments and symbols
Colour, colour components
Finish and symmetry, simulants, weight estimation, fracture filling and colour
Reading consultations and certificates

The 10 day course includes the following sections:

How to use a loupe correctly, Gem and near gem, Different quality shapes colour sizing and sieving, Great precision of what is SAWABLE, MAKEABLES, MACCLES, CLIVAGE, REJECTIONS, FLATS and BOART with its qualities and colours, How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List,  And the international Rapaport diamond price structure, How to look for and identify the grain in a sawed (four point) diamond, How to look for and identify the crystal symmetry, axis, plane, form and habit of diamond crystals, Moissanite identification, The study of impurity centres in rough diamond crystals, their cause and effect, How to select diamonds for fancy shapes, determining their ultimate form when in the rough, How to determine colour in diamonds, both natural and artificial, and its effect on buying and selling, How to select rough diamonds for purity, colour, size, shape and unusual qualities, How to determine whether a whole raw diamond is to be cleaved, sawed or remain whole, The process used in cutting and shaping elliptical diamonds such as , ovals,marquises pear shaped diamonds, Classification of rough gems and industrial diamonds, How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List and the international diamond price structure, Moissanite identification,Reading your GIA reports (Gemological Institute of America)How to determine table, crown angle, pavilion and depthDiamond grading systehysical and optical properties: how to clarity grade, and how to plot clarity characteristics



Course Johannesburg
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Grading and Gold**
R 7,500
Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation** R 8,500
Diamond Cutting and Polishing** R 42,000
Graduate Program** R 12,000
A discount for group training of more than four students may be negotiated. **50% of the full course fee must be paid in order to receive register  and the final 50% must be paid before the commencement of the course.


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