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The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education Course will equip you the student to apply the learned information on diamond grading, sorting, evaluation and pricing raw rough diamonds.

After completion of the Rough Diamond Class, the student will be qualified to analyze, distinguish categorize,
appraise, calculate and debate and how color, imperfection, shape and proportions affect the value of gemstones.

Information learned from this course will include, use of a loupe the correctly way, inspect gem and near gem diamond, Research the different quality shapes color sizing and sieving, identification of  what gemstones are Sawable, Makable and Boart with its qualities and colours, analyze  the Rapaport Diamond Price List to appraise and calculate value, Moissanite identification.

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The student will be able on completion to read and compare lab reports of reputable internationally recognised  laboratories reports and certificates.  GIA reports (Gemological Institute of America),EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) HRD  Antwerp Grading.

Corlia Roberts  Diamond Course Tuition Fees:

ZAR /  R11500.00 / USD $1200.00 Next Course 23 October 2017

  • A 50% registration deposit fee is payable.

Want to become a more confident buyer, a diamond grader, diamond cutter or  jewelry designer, sales professional or Graduate Gemologist ? Contact Corlia on +27739990999

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Planning on starting a new career or taking the next step in your journey, Corlia Roberts Diamond Education is an internationally recognized leader in training and professional development in gems and jewellery.

Why should I do the Rough  grading or diamond cutting and polishing course?

Diamond manufacturing and buying are not very easy to navigate through without any experience, because transparency is not available in this industry, and you’ll have very little information to work off.