Course Objectives

The full diamond graduation program consists of 6 months training which can be broken up into terms of 3-month periods of which your company can determine if the full program must be done con currently or with intervals in between to allow your staff to return to your place of business and then return to us for continuance of the education process until the program has been fully completed.

Our very competent staff will assure that your students always receive only the best personal instructions to guide them through this very extensive diamond education program and help them in every aspect to gain the required skills and knowledge to enhance their competency to the benefit of your whole organization. Corlia Roberts is known around the world for diamond courses and the finest diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and other elegant diamond jewellery knowledge

Course Costs
  • Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading: US$ 1000.00
  • Diamond Cutting programs
  • Sawing – 2 months: US$ 1650.00
  • Bruting – 1 month: US$ 1450.00
  • Polishing – 3 months: US$ 2960.00
  • Polished stone grading and evaluation: US$ 500.00
  • Diamond Business and marketing: US$ 500.00
  • Diamond appraisal program: US$ 500.00
  • Rough diamond marking course: US$ 500.00
  • Inclusive of all taxes TOTAL: US$ 8560.00
  • South African citizen: R42000
  • Although these prices are current, The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College reserves the rights to change prices without prior notice.
  • The Diamond Cutting and Polishing Course is only available to (1) Foreign passport holders OR (2) South African Citizens who are holders of a Diamond Beneficiation or Diamond Dealers Licence from the The South African Diamond & Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR)
  • Each course is limited to a maximum of 4 (Four) students. Corlia can be contacted on 2782 965-7740
  • If one single student completes the full graduate program a discounted price of US$ 5000.00 be applicable to that student. A booking fee off 50% of the course fees will be asked in advance which will be deducted from the total costs and the balance will be payable on commencement of the courses
  • After completion of each course the students will receive a certificate of completion. To gain a full graduated Diploma, all of the courses must be completed with a pass rate of not less than 85%.