Course Objectives

To prepare the student to become proficient in every technique involved in the manufacture and grading of diamonds.

To teach the student how to sort and buy diamonds both in the rough and polished state and how colour, imperfection, shape and proportions affect prices.

Course Outline
  • Diamond crystallography
  • Diamond grading systehysical and optical properties: how to clarity grade, and how to plot clarity
  • Characteristics
  • Inclusions and blemishes
  • How to colour grade diamonds in the normal colour range
  • How cut affects light return, beauty and value
  • How to determine table, crown angle, pavilion and depth
  • Measurements
  • How to read and compare Gemology or gemmology reports (GIA,EGL,HRD,IGI,AGS
  • How to compare proportions
  • Grading fancy shaped diamonds
  • Moissanite identification
  • Gold and precious metal identification
  • Jewellery Design
  • Diamond stimulants and treatments
  • How to grade mounted diamonds
  • Fancy coloured diamonds
  • Coloured stone overview
  • Stages of diamond polishing and
  • Marketing of diamonds, how to buy and sell diamond Jewelry gold, colored stones and the international diamond price and Jeweler structure
Course Costs
  • US$1000
  • A 50% registration deposit fee is payable
  • Although these prices are current, The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College reserves the rights to change prices without prior notice
  • On completion of the course, successful students will receive a Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College Completion certificate,which “will undoubtedly open doors within a traditionally insular industry