Course Objectives

To prepare individuals for mining companies or private students who want to work as sorters or evaluators for large mining companies like MIBA or ENDIAMA.

Course Outline
  • Focus on types of industrial diamonds and near gems
  • Management of large shipments
  • How to identify diamonds
  • Sieving and grading sizes
  • Looking at RAP sheet for larger stones (example: stones larger than 20 carats rough and Rap+6Ct)
  • How to evaluate rough stone with fluorescence
  • Business principles in industry
  • Buying and selling and legalities (half day)
  • Grading of near gems. (Coated and frosted)
  • How to use sieves
  • Identification of clouded stone
  • Melees.
  • How to draw up a manifest for large consignment of diamond.
Course Costs
  • South African citizen: R15000
  • US$3500
  • A 50% registration deposit fee is payable
  • Although these prices are current, The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College reserves the rights to change prices without prior notice.
  • The Rough Graduate Program is only available to (1)Foreign passport holders OR (2)South African Citizens who are holders of a Diamond Beneficiation or Diamond Dealers Licence from the The South African Diamond & Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR)
  • Each course is limited to a maximum of 4 (Four) students. Corlia can be contacted on 2782 965-7740