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2018 World Diamond Congress | Cancellation of 2018 World Diamond Congress

Cancellation of 2018 World Diamond Congress

Antwerp, Belgium – May 10, 2018: It is with much regret that the World Federation of
Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association
(IDMA) announce that as a result of the weak response to registration for the 38th
World Diamond Congress due to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, from June 19 to 21, no
doubt also influenced by the rising tension in the region, they have reached a decision
to postpone the Congress.

The Congress is the biennial gathering of the WFDB and IDMA.

In a joint statement, WFDB President Ernie Blom and IDMA President Ronnie
Van der Linden said:

It is obviously with very great regret that we have reached the
decision to cancel the Congress. We had a full agenda of issues regarding the state of
the global diamond industry and preparations were in full swing.

However, we have to take all factors into account, and felt it was the correct decision to
make which is in the best interests of all concerned. The Congress will be held at a later
date which will be determined in the near future.

The three-day gathering, organized by the Israel Diamond Exchange, was scheduled to take place at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, starting with committee meetings of the WFDB and IDMA on June 19. The first day of the Congress would have also featured a tour of the Israel Diamond Exchange and will ended with a cocktail event and was also due to feature a section on how technology can aid the diamond industry, among other

The official opening of the Congress was taking place on June 20, which would have  featured a keynote speech and guest speaker. Following separate WFDB and IDMA working sessions and a professional lecture, the day would have concluded with a Gala Dinner. The final day would have included a panel discussion and a professional lecture before concluding with a press conference.


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