Bharat Diamond Week Opens With More Than 1,000 Visitors Attending Inaugural Show

Bharat Diamond Week Opens With More Than 1,000
Visitors Attending Inaugural Show

Mumbai, India – April 23, 2018: More than 1,000 visitors from India and across the
world are taking part in the Bharat Diamond Week at the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB)
in Mumbai, India, which opened today. The Bharat Diamond Week was officially opened
by the US Consul General in Mumbai, His Excellency Mr Edgard D. Kagan. BDB ended
registration five days ago due to the widespread interest in the show, which runs from
April 23 to 25, and which is taking place in a specially constructed marquee in the
grounds of the BDB.

“After many months of planning and hard work, we are ready to open the first-ever
Bharat Diamond Week,” said BDB Vice-President Mr Mehul Shah, who heads the
Diamond Week project. “I want to thank all the people who have been involved in
creating this inaugural event. It has required an extraordinary amount of planning, effort
and coordination and now we are seeing the fruits of all this with an incredible show.

“We had a fantastic cricket tournament last week in the run-up to the Diamond Week,
with the winning team being the BDB XI. This created a huge amount of interest and
excitement in the Indian trade and for the diamond show. Now the show has started and
there is a wonderful atmosphere and something of interest for everyone. There will be a
gala dinner on April 24 sponsored by Brussels Airlines, and the airline is offering
Business Class tickets in a raffle that will be held during the Diamond Week.”

BDB President Mr Anoop Mehta said: “There has been a carnival atmosphere at the
bourse since the cricket tournament took place, and we are delighted that the Diamond
Week has now got underway. I am sure that this show will become one of the main
fixtures on the diamond industry’s calendar. India is a vitally important global market
and the Bharat Diamond Week will provide a perfect setting for business to take place
with our friends and colleagues from across the diamond industry. Our aim is to hold
two Bharat Diamond Week shows annually.”

The Bharat Diamond Week will also feature a display of synthetic diamond detection
equipment with competitively priced services, with specially organised seminars and
meetings on the issue of synthetics.

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