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Manufacturers and Diamond Dealers essentially have two alternatives when it comes to buy rough diamonds. They are either purchased directly from mining companies or can be purchased from other licensed diamond dealers in the secondary trading market.

Mining companies or producers sell their diamonds either through a “sight” system or through tenders and auctions.

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buy rough diamonds

The SADPMR issues diamond licenses and permits such as the Diamond Dealers license which allows a license holder to buy, sell import, and export rough diamonds.

The Diamond beneficiation license allows you to cut and polish rough diamonds. SADPMR also issues precious metals permits and licenses such as Precious Metal Beneficiation License which allows you to buy or receive, change the form or add value in any other manner and dispose of unwrought or semi-fabricated precious metal, and Refining Licences which allows you to buy and receive, smelt, refine or change the form of, extract and dispose of precious metals.

To promote the diamond and precious metals sector, the SADPMR has one of its own branches called Diamond Trade which facilitates rough diamond tenders whereby all South African citizens who have diamond permits and or licenses may have an opportunity to buy a diamond and export them if they so wish.

The facilitation of diamond tenders and exports and imports are conducted through the Diamond Exchange and Export Centre (DEEC). It is the only gate in South Africa where verification of diamond imports and exports is conducted.

One of the critical parts of the diamond trade function is to ensure fair diamond market value of the diamonds, as such the SADPMR has established a Government Diamond Valuator whose mandate is to make sure that all diamonds within South Africa are traded at a fair market value for the buyers and sellers.

From the inception of the SADPMR in 2007, there has been a steady increase in the number of disadvantaged South Africans who are participating in the trade of diamond and precious metals in South Africa and in recent years. The SADPMR has also noticed the growing number of females who are active in the diamond and precious metals sector.

The SADPMR main aim is to achieve transformation within the Diamond and Precious Metals industry.

Achieving transformation SADPMR encourages all companies trading in the Diamond and Precious Metals to comply with the South African legislative such as Diamonds Act and Precious Metals Act (Act No. 37 of 2005), the Diamond Export Levy (Administration) Act (Act No.14 of 2007) and the Diamond Export Levy Act (Act No.15 of 2007) as well as the Mining Charter 2018.

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