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Crown of Light Premium Diamond Brand Unveils the Couture Collection

Diamonds International’s Signature Diamond Reaches a Higher Tier of Luxury

Crown of Light diamond Couture Collection is a breathtaking creation mastered by the finest jewelry craftsmen.

The Couture Collection presents perfection that redefines luxury.

Labored for over 1000 hours, each Crown of Light Couture item is perfectly matched in color, carat weight, mm size and clarity range.

Crown of Light diamond is a patented diamond cut that is exclusively sold at Diamonds International.

The Crown of Light, a US patented, cutting the diamond into a 90-facet diamond, is acknowledged as a triumph of cutting expertise paired with ingenious design. The diamond’s strategically positioned facets create an innovative cut, distinguished by its higher dome. This unique design is responsible for the superior sparkle and fire, providing connoisseurs with a true 21 st century luxury diamond.

Jewelry aficionados have embraced the Crown of Light (COL) brand for over a decade, eagerly waiting for the next level of high-end custom-made pieces. Each COL diamond destined for the Couture Collection is first sent to AGS (American Gemological Society) labs for certification. At grading, the stone receives its own report plus a distinct laser-inscription on its girdle. Back from AGS labs, these extraordinary diamonds are sorted by gemological experts into categories of color, clarity and size. Only after hundreds of the superb diamonds are assembled can the set-matching task begin. This is where the process of making the Couture Collection truly starts.


Couture bracelets require at least 15 COL diamonds, while Couture necklaces need a minimum of 35 COL diamonds. These carefully matched diamond sets must exhibit the same color, and range of clarity. Their diameters can only differ by 1 millimeter in size. Once the sets are assembled, they are sent to master bench jewelers to produce – taking over 1,000 hours to complete each piece. The Couture Collection is more than a piece of fine jewelry, it’s an absolute masterpiece.

The challenge in creating these exquisite items lies in the time needed to create each piece by hand; taking between 6 to 9 months to form one Couture bracelet. In fact, a recent Couture double-row-necklace was created using 91 carefully matched COL diamonds—an extraordinary work that inevitably becomes the signature piece of any jewelry collection. Each finished masterpiece comes with multiple grading reports identifying each stone that graces the item. The Couture Collection delivers red-carpet jewels to astute collectors. These jewels can only be perfected one at a time—not something mass-produced.

About Diamonds International:

Established in 1988, Diamonds International (DI) is the largest tax & duty-free watch and jewelry retailer in the Caribbean. With over 100 retail locations across 27 ports including Caribbean countries, FloridaMexico and Alaska, DI serves millions of tourists and cruise ship passengers annually with an unrivaled selection of certified loose diamonds, rare gemstones, designer jewelry and timepiece brands. DI is the exclusive retailer of the US-patented Crown of Light diamond and rare Safi Kilima Tanzanite brands. Staff engagement, customer experience, and brand variety are the fundamental pillars DI abides by – including their support for ethical mine-to-market practices. Almod Diamonds Ltd. is the manufacturing affiliate of DI and its sister stores Tanzanite International and DI Watch & Design. For more than 30 years, DI remains a privately-held and family-run business with corporate offices in New York’s prestigious diamond district and Miami, known as a top home cruise port destination worldwide.

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