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Diamond Education by The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College presenting fascinating courses on diamond evaluation, grading and polishing. Through the Diamond Education college unique combination of one-on-one coaching and integrated videos, students will learn to grade diamonds, polish diamonds, and evaluate diamond stones more consistently and accurately using the very latest in gemological microscopes. On completion of the course, successful students will receive a Diamond Education College Completion certificate, which “will undoubtedly open doors within a traditionally insular industry

diamond education
Diamond Education
Principal of the College – Corlia Roberts

Corlia is a qualified Fashion Designer, has 18 + years experience in the Diamond and Jewelry Industry.

The CR Diamond Training School be contacted on  +27.813190211 | +2773999099

With education comes knowledge, as well as the confidence necessary to buy, sell and appraise jewelry

Each year, a select few of professionals and consumers enroll in the courses offered by Corlia Roberts Diamonds School of Gemology.

Whether you want to become a more confident buyer, a diamond grader, jewelry designer, sales professional or Graduate Gemologist, Corlia offers an unrivaled range of coursework, spanning everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, pearls, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewelry design.

You can enroll with Corlia’s dynamic School of Gemology to build your career today.

Corlia’s courses are usually 2 Weeks for the Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation and the Diamond Polishing Course up to three to Six months long—in order to focus on a practical, hands-on approach.

Each interactive and hands-on class is designed to provide the knowledge and expertise required for your Diamonds Diploma, without requiring an extended leave-of-absence from your professional commitments.

See our course schedule to enroll in order to expand your knowledge and improve your professional standing.


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