diamond course

Diamond expert course

Diamond expert course

Let our diamond expert teach you diamond gemstones  in their rough state,it is an art and science in itself. The course is one-of-a-kind, and the best practical evaluation rough diamond course available in the market.

Overview the study of diamond forms

  • Sorting of rough
  • Techniques for grading clarity and color
  • Impact of tension and fluorescence
  • Yield estimation and planning
  • Determining price of single stones and rough parcels
  • Origin determination and certificate of origin ( Kimberley process certificate)
  • Rough scanning and analysis using specialized computer software


  • Intensive lab sessions
  • Working with industrial and gem quality rough of all shapes and sizes
  • Manual planning using gauges and simple tools
  • Systematic pricing format

Career Options

Graduates who have pursued their careers in the gem and jewelry industry include :

  • rough diamond graders
  • valuers
  • traders
  • miners
  • Insurance assessors
  • appraiser for customs departments
  • diamond manufacturers
  • entrepreneur

Program Options

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