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Diamond Grading Education

Want to become a more confident buyer, diamond grader, cutter or gemologist ? Investing in Diamond Jewellery, Starting a Factory ? Contact Corlia on +27739990999

Other courses on offer Diamond Cutting and Polishing, Diamond and Gold, Polished Diamond Grading, Graduate Diamond Program

Planning on starting a new career or taking the next step in your journey, Corlia Roberts Diamond Education is an internationally recognized leader in training and professional development in gems and jewellery.

Why should I do the Rough diamond grading or diamond cutting and polishing course?

Diamond manufacturing and buying are not very easy to navigate through without any experience, because transparency is not available in this industry, and you’ll have very little information to work off.


How to become a diamond Dealer?

How do you know if you have found a diamond?

Education and Laboratory?

Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials on Gemology?

What does a diamond in the rough look like?

How can you tell a real diamond from a fake? Lab Grown Diamonds.

How much is a 1 carat diamond worth?

How to invest in Diamond gemstones ?

How does the Laboratory grade diamonds?

How are Lab grown diamonds made

The Corlia Roberts diamond school  based in Johannesburg offers a comprehensive diamond course, aimed “especially for those striving for a career in diamonds and jewellery hoping to be both recognised and treated as professionals”.

The courses will benefit countless people, including “sales associates, managers, owners, buyers, manufacturer’s sales representatives, pawnbrokers, appraisers, wholesalers, designers, gem lab personnel, and anybody that is interested in becoming a diamond broker or wanting to earn extra money.”

Diamond Course, Enrolling for a course.

International Students: Your Passport Number will be required for a visa invitation for certain countries 

South African Citizens: Proof of citizenship, RSA ID will suffice, 

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Find out more about our Graduate Diamonds Program

5 day diamond course includes the following sections, Diamond Grading. (1 Week)

  • Formation of diamond, crystals and crystallography properties.
  • De Beers group and the DTC.
  • The Diamond Producers Association (DPA). The founding members – ALROSA, De Beers, Rio Tinto, Dominion Diamond Corporation, Lucara Diamond Corporation, Petra Diamonds Ltd, and Gem Diamonds Ltd
  • Famous and rare diamonds
  • Diamond polishing history overview, facets of round brilliant cut diamonds,
    stages of polishing a round brilliant cut, fancy-shaped diamonds
  • Tools required by professional jewelers, use of a loupe when examining
    polished diamonds
  • Clarity, the importance of plotting, clarity comments and symbols
    color components.
  • Finish and symmetry, simulants, weight estimation, fracture filling and color enhancement
  • Reading consultations and certificates from diamond grading laboratories.

10 day training course includes the following sections on Rough Diamond Grading & Evaluation (Two Week) 

  • How to use a loupe correctly, Gem and near gem, Different quality shapes colour sizing and sieving, Great precision of what is SAWABLE, MAKEABLES, MACCLES, CLIVAGE, REJECTIONS, FLATS and BOART with its qualities and colours.
  • How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List,  And the international Rapaport diamond price structure, How to look for and identify the grain in a sawed (four point) diamond, How to look for and identify the crystal symmetry, axis, plane, form and habit of diamond crystals, Moissanite identification, The study of impurity centres in rough diamond crystals, their cause and effect.
  • How to select diamonds for fancy shapes, determining their ultimate form when in the rough, How to determine colour in diamonds, both natural and artificial, and its effect on buying and selling, How to select rough diamonds for purity, colour, size, shape and unusual qualities.
  • How to determine whether a whole raw diamond is to be cleaved, sawed or remain whole, The process used in cutting and shaping elliptical diamonds such as, ovals, marquises pear shaped diamonds, Classification of rough gems and industrial diamonds.
  • How to use the Rapaport Diamond Price List and the international diamond price structure, Moissanite identification, Reading your Lab reports. How to determine table, crown angle, pavilion and depth : Diamond grading systehysical and optical properties: how to clarity grade ?.
  • How to plot clarity characteristics
  • Mining Charter South Africa

 How to pay for your course ? 

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