Diamond: Nature and Man’s Treasure by Tamuka Magwenz

NEWS OF THE SOUTH – The book, ‘Diamond: Nature and Man’s Treasure’ by Tamuka Magwenzi is a diamond reference book which orients readers of all ages to diamonds.


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Magwenzi said diamonds are a topical issue of concern for social and economic purposes.


Tamuka Magwenzi
Tamuka Magwenzi

Therefore, the book is a guide with basic information as to how diamonds originate; their uses; their importance and other basics.

“The book gives a hint and highlight that the diamond industry is diverse and a wide choice of specialty,” Magwenzi said.

He also said the book is a general orientation booklet to encourage and inspire those who may want to take up specialised careers in the diamond industry.

Diamonds: Nature and Man’s Treasure carries 12 chapters.

The 62 paged book is Magwenzi’s first publication which he started working on in 2009.
The author is a Zimbabwean with charisma and passion to see the growth of the Zimbabwean Diamond industry.

He is a trained Diamond Evaluator who trained at Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College South Africa.

In the past years he has worked tirelessly towards building a career in the Diamond Industry.

tamuka magwenzi

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