Diamond Producers

Diamond Producers Association


The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) congratulated Stephen Lussier on his appointment as the Chairman of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), with WFDB President Mr.Ernie Blom saying the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) will benefit from Lussier’s long experience in the diamond industry. “Stephen’s breadth of knowledge of the diamond business is second to none and the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) will reap the advantages of having Stephen guiding it,” Ernie Blom said.

Diamond Producers

Diamond Producers Association

Lussier serves as the CEO of the De Beers diamonds brand, Forever mark, and is Executive Vice-President of the De Beers Group of Companies and is also Executive Vice-President – Marketing. He has worked for De Beers for more than three decades.

“I have known Stephen for many years and his experience in driving forward marketing programmes, most recently with the successful Forevermark brand, will serve the DPA well,” said Blom. “With the support of Sally Morrison as Managing Director of Marketing, I believe the DPA is well set to push forward creative generic marketing initiatives.

“The WFDB is ready to work with and support the Diamond Producers Association (DPA). With more than 20,000 members at 30 affiliated bourses across the world I believe we can work together successfully for the benefit of the entire diamond trade. Generic marketing is absolutely critical to the continued success of the diamond jewelry sector and I look forward to a cooperative relationship with the DPA to achieve this aim,” Blom added.

About the Diamond Producers Association

The Diamond Producers Association (“DPA”) was formed in May 2015 by the world’s leading diamond mining companies, working together to support the development of the diamond sector. The DPA aims to play an important, positive role in the diamond sector and actively engage with industry and non-industry organisations to promote the interests of the sector.


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