Diamonds Namibia

Diamonds Namibia or as Trump calls it Nambia

Diamonds Namibia or as Trump calls it Nambia, Diamonds International introduces film about Namibia, The Shining Diamond of Africa

Namibia is called “Africa’s Best-Kept Secret,” and at Diamonds International, we have worked hard to maintain this special country’s way of life while working with its people to develop unexpected designs, cuts, and stones to offer the world.

The time and effort is worth it: stunning in its own right, featuring sweeping vistas of extreme contrast, Namibia produces some of the most stunning diamonds on earth.

Diamonds International has sourced its stones from some of the most fascinating places on the planet, and in this video, Hon. Pohamba Shifeta speaks to the wonders of Namibia – from the warmth of its people to the greatness of its landscape.

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Namibia, Diamonds International parent company ALMOD is being recognized by industry leaders, DeBeers and the Namibian government for its contribution to the beautification of the local communities and for its dedications to skills transfer.

Crown of Light diamond, Diamond’s International signature diamond brand is primarily cut in Namibia.

This short documentary shows how the growth of the Crown of Light diamond impacted the personal and professional growth of the employees in Namibia as well.

Caribbean’s largest tax and duty-free jewelry retailer, Diamonds International (DI), released a documentary emphasizing Namibia’s history, hoping to educate the world on Africa’s Best-Kept Secret.

The New York-based parent company, Almod Diamonds Ltd., takes pride in its #1 diamond-brand and US-patented diamond, the Crown of Light (COL)– created in Namibia (click here to learn more).

Africa’s Best-Kept Secret

Namibia is known as one of the youngest nations globally – obtaining its independence from South Africa in 1990. Described as one of the cleanest cities worldwide and influenced by numerous cultures, Namibia was an underrated country… until now.

Namibia’s economy depends on four cornerstones, specifically mining – contributing 3 billion USD to the diamond industry alone!

Almod Namibia Ltd.’s Impact

Diamonds International not only created jobs, but also helped support other businesses such as transportation, catering, and banks, which allowed social classes to develop economically and academically.

Some would even consider that DI put Namibia on the map by promoting the “Shining Diamond of Africa”, the Crown of Light, throughout its other stores located in over 20 countries. This and other factors, including passion and dedication, helped double the tourism business in Namibia.

What’s to Come

Aside from the successful business contribution, DI has proven to deliver continuous support to Baby Haven, a local orphanage. “In this world, it’s not just about taking, it’s about giving back” Albert Gad, CEO & President. In fact, DI’s family-oriented environment was so evident that the Namibian government requested to open a local store, while offering the COL, known as the Namibian Star, with hopes of further growing the industry and economy overall.

As said by Albert Gad, DI is “One big International family” and with that they have welcomed the Namibian community with open arms. Namibia’s beauty, uniqueness, and lavish culture ultimately engaged the diamond brand’s success to another level, simultaneously benefitting the country.

Learn more about Crown of Light

About Diamonds International:

Established in 1988, Diamonds International (DI) is the largest tax & duty-free watch and jewelry retailer in the Caribbean. With over 100 retail locations across 27 ports including Caribbean countries, Florida, Mexico and Alaska, DI serves millions of tourists and cruise ship passengers annually with an unrivaled selection of certified loose diamonds, rare gemstones, designer jewelry and timepiece brands. DI is the exclusive retailer of the US-patented Crown of Light diamond and rare Safi Kilima Tanzanite brands. Staff engagement, customer experience, and brand variety are the fundamental pillars DI abides by – including their support for ethical mine-to-market practices. Almod Diamonds Ltd. is the manufacturing affiliate of DI and its sister stores Tanzanite International and DI Watch & Design. For more than 30 years, DI remains a privately-held and family-run business with corporate offices in New York’s prestigious diamond district and Miami, known as a top home cruise port destination worldwide.

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