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2018 FIFA World Cup™ football collection of diamonds

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ football collection of diamonds by ALROSA;

The collection consists of 32 round diamonds, 0.3 carats each, named after the countries – participants of the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA TM. All diamonds are of high quality, D to F color and VVS2 to IF clarity, they were mined in Russia and cut by ALROSA’s subdivision – DIAMONDS ALROSA, in keeping with the best traditions of the world-famous Russian cut.

Diamonds will be offered to natural persons and legal entities through the website If desired, the stone can be personalized with an engraving associated with the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA TM, or it can be given its own name. ALROSA will issue a special-design official certificate confirming characteristics of each diamond.

“Russia produces one-third of all rough diamonds in the world and is famous for its polished diamonds, which are yet another symbol of our country. We decided to provide the fans with the opportunity to take a tiny piece of Russia with them or to mark national teams and symbolic victories important for them not only with football anthems, but also with a unique diamond that will remain with them forever. The collections of stones have been selected so that they are affordable for a wide range of fans. Optionally, we can form sets from them,” noted Pavel Vinikhin, Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA.

ALROSA today is the only diamond-mining company in the world with its own cutting subdivision, which allows guaranteeing absolute authenticity of a stone, its natural origin and mining in accordance with the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. DIAMONDS ALROSA combine unique traditions of the Russian cut with the use of the up-to-date technologies, creating excellent quality diamonds – as for instance the Dynasty collection launched last year.

The collection It is made under the stringent Russian cut standards and long-centuries traditions, ensuring the best quality, proportions and shine.

ALROSA is the world’s largest diamond miner with supply of about 30% of the global diamond market. It means that least one of the four stones worldwide has come from Russia. Our diamonds are mined in the Russian North – Yakutia (Siberia) and Arkhangelsk, the lands of permafrost and Northern lights.

ALROSA stones are more than just diamonds. It is reliably mined in Russia in accordance with the best environmental and CSR practices. It benefits local communities, funds more than 500 social and charity projects for more than $150 million a year..

2018 Fifa world cup
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ football collection of diamonds by ALROSA;

The line-up of European Regional Supporters of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was completed on April 23, 2018 as Russia’s Alrosa, a giant in the world diamond mining industry, joined Alfa-Bank, Rostelecom and Russian Railways.

As part of their deal with FIFA, Alrosa was granted brand association rights for the region and promotion rights on social media. They also have featured on LED boards in all stadiums during the tournament and benefit from product exposure in selected areas of the FIFA World Cup venues.

“We are very pleased to have another strong stakeholder like Alrosa on board,” sais FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer Philippe Le Floc’h. prior to the world cup he said

“The tournament will be a celebration of football in Russia and all over the globe. It is also an incredible international marketing platform, reaching billions of people in every single territory in the world.”

Russia ranks first in volume among the countries producing diamonds, making Alrosa a world leader and one that operates throughout the production chain – exploring, mining, manufacturing and selling diamonds. For more information, please visit ALROSA official website.

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