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Diamond Cutting and Polishing (Discontinued)


(Duration: 3 months intensive)

Course Objectives

The full diamond graduation program consists of 3 months training

Our very competent staff will assure that your students always receive only the best personal instructions to guide them through this very extensive diamond education program and help them in every aspect to gain the required skills and knowledge to enhance their competency to the benefit of your whole organization. Corlia Roberts is known around the world for diamond courses and the finest diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and other elegant diamond jewelry knowledge.

When extracted from the ground, diamonds often display characteristic crystal surfaces with high lustre or a frosted appearance. It is the skill and experience of a diamond cutter that will bring the beauty out of a stone.

Our Diamond Cutting and Polishing Course are held in Ramsgate, and Cape Town South Africa.

The basic diamond-cutting process includes these steps; planning, cleaving or sawing, bruting, polishing, and final inspection. A simplified round brilliant cut process includes the following stages:

Planning – Modern-day planning of a diamond is done using computer software.
Marking – Outlining the best possible shape and cut of the diamond.
Sawing the rough stone – depending on the shape of the rough diamond as not all diamonds are sawn.
Bruting the girdle.
Blocking 8 main pavilion facets – these facets are divided into 4 corners and 4 pavilions as the corners and pavilions run in different directions due to the atomic structure of the diamond.
Crown – the crown consists of 8 main facets and is divided into 4 corners and 4 Bezels.
Final bruting – ensuring the diamond’s girdle is perfectly round and smooth.
Polishing all 16 main facets.
Brillianteering – Adding and polishing 8 stars and 16 pavilion and 16 crown halves.
Quality control – checking for symmetry, polishing, and cutting (angles) after the diamond is completed.
This is just one, although a fairly common way of creating a round brilliant cut. The actual process also includes many more stages depending on the size and quality of the rough stone. For example, bigger stones are first scanned to get the three-dimensional shape, which is then used to find optimal usage. The scanning may be repeated after each stage and bruting may be done in several steps, each bringing the girdle closer to the final shape.

It is possible only because the hardness of a diamond varies widely according to the direction in which one is trying to cut or grind.

Course Costs
Diamond Cutting Course
Inclusive of all taxes TOTAL: US$ 5000
    • Includes Free ONLINE Rough Diamond Evaluation and Grading value of USD $ 1200.00
  • Although these prices are current, The Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.
  • The Diamond Cutting and Polishing Course is only available to (1) Foreign passport holders OR (2) South African Citizens who are holders of a Diamond Beneficiation Licence from The South African Diamond & Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR)
  • Each course is limited to a maximum of 4 (Four) students. Evan can be contacted on Whatsapp at +27 73 999 0999
  • After completion of each course, the students will receive a certificate of completion. To gain a full graduated Diploma, all of the courses must be completed with a pass rate of not less than 85%.

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