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ONLINE Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Course


Corlia Roberts Instutute of Diamonds are also offering an e-learning course in Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation. Get started today.

There are two main types of diamond deposits:
• Primary deposits:

These are diamondiferous pipes which are bodies of solidified Kimberlite or Lamproite. It is interesting to note that diamonds do not form in these volcanic bodies but are merely transported to the
surface in them.

• Secondary deposits:

These are deposits that contain diamonds which have weather worn out of the host body and then travelled some distance from their original source. For example, the diamonds that are now found in Namibia have travelled over 1,500  kilometres from their original source in southern Africa.

Diamonds are mined in over 20 countries around the world and they can be found in remote deserts, frozen tundra and even ocean beds. However, main production comes from Botswana, Russia, South
Africa, Canada and Australia.

Diamond mining methods include open-cast mining, alluvial, underground mining and marine mining. In general terms, only about 20% of the volumes of all diamonds mined are good enough quality to be used for jewellery.

Every pipe in the world produces different qualities and quantities but generally even a profitable mine removes over one tonne of host rock to produce one carat of gem quality diamonds

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Our Un-Cut Raw Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Course online Distance Education is available for part-time study and distance learning online.

This course has the same outcome as our contact course and you will receive the same certificate of completion for the online course.

Corlia Roberts Distance Education is comprised of eLearning and hands-on classes. The eLearning being the online component of the rough diamond program.

Free trial lesson 1

Course material will be sent to you by door-to-door courier. Free Shipping is Included for local and overseas.

learning material includes:

  • Corlia Roberts Rough Diamond Manual,
  • Carat weight Diamond Scale
  • Diamond Loupe,
  • Diamond tweezer
  • Rough diamond testing pen
  • Diamond Light
  • UV light
  • Sorting Pad
  • Rough Diamond Manual
  • Login-in details to our online portal

Assignments and final exams are done online.

Distance Education instructors are available by email, WhatsApp, and online chat to provide support, guidance, and expertise.

Study when and wherever you want, then scan, upload your assignments, and take online exams.

The hands-on class is where you gain essential experience by grading sorting and pricing the rough diamonds alongside your instructor.

This course is identical in contents and outcomes to our contact-based course and successful students will be awarded a Certificate of Competence once completed.

The 1 day practical is the final module in the course which can be attended weekly in Ramsgate KZN and front time to time in Pretoria, and Capetown

The course covers sorting, grading, and price estimates of Rough Diamonds and polished diamonds.

Cost of the course South Africa R14500.00 / International USD $1200.00 Payment via Paypal, Payfast, or direct transfer upon acceptance and presentation of Invoice.

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