RapNet Launches Upgraded Trading Platform

RapNet Launches Upgraded Trading Platform

January 8, 2018, Las Vegas

RapNet, the world’s leading diamond trading network, will launch a new, upgraded platform tomorrow, January 9, 2018. The upgrade will provide members with a more secure, intuitive and smarter trading environment. It is the first step in a $5 million Rapaport and RapNet development project that will revolutionize the electronic market for diamonds.

his first phase upgrade will significantly increase security by providing exclusive communications between RapNet members. New RapNet technology provides an alternative to the use of emails that are often hacked and used to misdirect diamond payments and shipments. With electronic fraud a growing and prevalent threat in the diamond industry, this significant change is essential to ensure RapNet members can trade in a secure and safe environment.

With RapNet members initiating over one million trades a year, the new user interface will also enable members to directly negotiate online. Searches will run faster and smarter with more features.

“RapNet is introducing new technology that will provide a safe and secure trading environment for our members. We are investing millions of dollars in new electronic infrastructure that will usher in a new era of diamond trading,” said Saville Stern, COO of RapNet.

Learn more about the new RapNet platform at www.rapnet.com/newrapnet.

Media Contacts:
US: Sherri Hendricks +1-702-893-9400;
India: Prashant Bhojani +91-97694-66855
International: Elinor Shalev +972-3-729-0901

About RapNet: RapNet is the world’s largest diamond trading network with daily listing of over 1.2 million diamonds valued at over $7.3 billion. Established in 1992 it is a member of the Rapaport Group with offices in Las Vegas, New York, Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Mumbai, Surat, Dubai and Hong Kong. Visit RapNet.Com for additional information.



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