Rough Diamond Prices per Carat

Rough Diamond Prices Per Carat


How to determine the purchase price for a raw or rough diamond?

The  Rough Diamond Course teaches you how to price diamonds relating to the various criteria which can be used to determine in the calculation of the price of the rough diamond.

Rough Diamond Prices per Carat

Learn more about:

  • Where the transaction takes place:
  • There are generally 15 diamond producing countries in Africa. South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Ghana, Congo, Lesotho, Liberia, Sierra Leone, CAR, Tanzania, and Togo
  • Where is the location of the physical transference of the rough diamonds?
  • Method of payment and shipping company’s (Brinks, Malca-amit, Ram Couriers) ?
  • Costs of buying rough diamonds:.
  • The crystalline structure of rough diamonds. The most important part regarding buying or selling of rough diamonds, is to know the basic structures (crystals): stones, shapes, cleavages, macles, flats.The good classification of the crystalline structure of rough diamonds is determining the calculation of the purchase price, all crystalline shapes of diamonds do not have the same yield. The stone structure will yield approximately ? percent of the finished diamond, the shapes structure will yield  ? percent, the cleavages structure will yield ? percent, the macles structure will yield  ? percent and the flats structure will yield ? percent of the finished diamond
  • Gem Lab Services – GIA, EGL, HRD



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