South Africa Rough Diamonds

South Africa Rough Diamonds – Course 22 September 2018

South Africa Rough Diamonds – Course

The South Africa Rough Diamonds Course is a two week course, designed to develop your experience of the gemology of rough diamonds through techniques such as marking, sorting, planning and Evaluation of Rough Diamond.

Each lesson will be focused around both theory and practical of various techniques.

Classes run from 8.30am – 15.30pm  Monday – Friday. and limited to only four students.

Please check out more information on our  Polished Diamond Grading and diamond manufacturing course to acquire other skills.

Rough diamonds are the basic building blocks of the industry. In order to extract the most value we will demonstrate how to handle every aspect of the rough stone.

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Methods of Identifying natural and lab-grown as well as Imitation and fake Diamonds;
  • Evaluation, Appraisal and pricing according to accepted industry criteria;
  • Grading and Gemological Certification of the various recommended Grading laboratory (GIA, EGL AGL HRD)
  • Sources of Rough Diamonds;
  • Marking, Planning and Evaluation of Rough Diamond;
  • Using Tools of the trade;

Rough Diamonds Lecturers

Tony Bula / Corlia Roberts

Duration of course

10 Days, totaling 50 hours

Cost R11500.00 / USD $ 1200.00

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At the end of the course, after having taken and passed both theoretical and practical exams, the participant will receive a certificate indicating that he or she has successfully completed The Rough Diamond and Evaluation Course

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