Diamond Grading 27 August 2018

Diamond Grading Certificate

Enroll now for Diamond Grading; 5 day Course:

Afternoon Lab training workshop Commencing on 27 August through 31 August 2018.

Venue: KMG, Diamond Building: Cnr Baker Street,  No 3 -5 Sturdee Avenue Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa.

This course has become is essential as Synthetics, imitations and artificially treated Diamonds are becoming ever more sophisticated, to the point where only qualified, experienced staff can tell the difference between these gems and the real thing.

Learn about the diamond Cut grade, then diamond Color, Clarity, then Carat Weight.

Compare different diamond grading lab certificates GIA vs EGL and more…

Diamond grading is a subjective skill. When these skills are put to the test at laboratories maintaining independent diamond grading standards, it’s no surprise that there are sometimes discrepancies.

The best ways to identify synthetic diamonds ?

Over the last few years, technology in the field of producing synthetic diamonds has really developed itself tremendously and the cost of producing such man-made diamonds is now lower than normal and natural diamonds.

This has open to door to a new commercial opportunity, but also has given the possibility for unethical traders to mix these lab-grown diamonds within batches of natural diamonds and therefore coning different industry players, from the dealers themselves, to brands using diamonds and ultimately the consumer.

This is the main reason why there needs to be some kind of proper control on all diamonds used by the industry and therefore develop the tools that will enable to assess this rapidly and efficiently.

the use of synthetic diamonds is not necessarily a bad thing as long as everything is transparent.

Our courses are designed  to keep you and your staff ahead of the game.

We will show you a simple test to distinguish between type I and type II diamonds.

Are you ready  to become an experienced jewellery and diamond professional?

Enroll for our Diamond Grading course today…

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