HRD Antwerp has begun to issue gemological certificates for lab-grown diamonds. According to the Antwerp-based lab, every synthetic diamond tested will be issued its own, green colored certificate, which is different in color than the certificates issued for natural diamonds at the lab.

Every synthetic stone will be laser inscribed with the words “Lab Grown”

The lab promises that every synthetic diamond’s girdle will be laser inscribed with the words “Lab Grown” along with the number of the grading report. On the identically-numbered report, it will be mentioned that the diamond was laser inscribed.

Every synthetic diamond graded by HRD is tested by the same criteria as natural diamonds. Certificates for synthetics will also detail every stones – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

Founded in 1976, the HRD established itself as one of the top global laboratories when it comes to accurate grading services. In the European market, many in the trade consider the certifications issued by HRD as a direct alternative to GIA.

HRD’s Diamond Certification Lab complies with requirements laid out in “The International Rules for Grading Polished Diamonds” provided by IDC – Independent Diamond Council. That is, they follow worldwide practices that are proven and accepted by any distributor and buyer.

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