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Rough, polished diamond auctions

Rough, polished diamond auctions in Hong Kong

Moscow, March 16, 2018 – ALROSA has summed up the results of the rough and polished diamond auctions organized as part of Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show held in Hong Kong from February 27 to March 3, 2018.

The United Selling Organization (USO) ALROSA sold 112 special size (over 10.8 carats) rough diamonds with the total weight of 1,787 carats. The total sales revenue amounted to USD 13.5 million.

“Hong Kong auction with 50 participating companies demonstrated that demand for rough diamonds of this size category remains stable. The auction closed with good results, our expectations were justified,” commented on the auction results ALROSA Deputy CEO Yury Okoemov.

DIAMONDS ALROSA, ALROSA’s cutting division, sold 67 polished diamonds with the total weight of 205.56 carats worth USD 2.8 million at the auction in Hong Kong. The sold assortment included 48 standard color polished diamonds and 19 fancy color stones.

“We give an upbeat assessment of the auction. Large standard color polished diamonds were especially popular at the auction, we have also sold all the fancy color diamonds,” told Pavel Vinikhin, Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA.


The United Selling Organization ALROSA carries out sorting, valuation, pre-sale preparation and sale of rough diamonds produced by ALROSA.

DIAMONDS ALROSA work with large rough diamonds over 1.8 carats, including special size rough diamonds and those with unique color specifications. The bulk of products are sold by wholesale lots at monthly trading sessions, both for export and in the domestic market.

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