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Our Courses calendar for 2017 is as follows:




Course Johannesburg
(SA Jewllery Centre)
Grading and Gold**
 3 July 2017
Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation**  3 July 2017
Diamond Cutting and Polishing**  3 July 2017 (6 Months)
Rough Diamonds Graduate Program** 19 June 2017


The Corlia Roberts Educational Institution  is situated in the heart of the diamond industry in South Africa in Jewel City, all the major Jeweler entities are housed at Jewel City.The South African Diamond and Precious metals regulatorState Diamond Trader,Diamond Council of South Africa, De Beers DTC Sight Holders, Jewelry  manufacturers, Diamond DealersGIA and EGL  grading laboratories

Subjects covered in the classes include: buying advice, color and clarity chart price, buying loose diamonds,diamond character, diamond buying guide, sell diamonds, buying online, Color Clarity chart, Rapaport 

Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College is the preferred training provider for Government Officials, State Diamond Valuations,  Diamond Mining companies, small scale miners and diamond dealers from South Africa and other diamond sourcing countries , such as: Democratic republic of Congo DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Botswana, Brazil,


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